T Shirt Maker of Oversized Designs Learn to Screen Print For Themselves

June 17, 2017

Although many forum designers t-shirt printing on the internet that allows small designers to market their designs to the market, in fact they are often not able to follow some of the design t shirt printing trend desired by contemporary designers. The small t shirt makers do their work according to themselves they can not connect with various sites like crowd-source t-shirts and some t shirt printing houses that serve customized t shirt design.

There are a few reason for the disconnect:

  1. Many specialty imprints exceed the capabilities of most crowd-source websites.
  2. Even if they can do the prints, unusual prints are more time-consuming and expensive to produce, meaning unless the design is a big hit, it doesn’t help the bottom line.
  3. Most small t shirt printing designers only consider what they’d like to design, and don’t give thought to the production process until long after the concept phase.

See the problem mentioned above, what should be done small t shirt maker. If contemporary design reasons are the problem then they have to learn again with more modern design applications. They must learn how to screen print and promote themselves and their products.

At this point, a designer may be asking himself, “Why don’t I just hire a screen printing shop to make the shirts for me?” The answer is, that is a great solution, bearing in mind one thing, you are going to need a pile of money to go that route. Screen Print is used for mass printing, so small designers require a larger operating cost, or cost more if they are all perfect. The only way is to create a very good design, so you are very confident of selling products in bulk or cooperation with investors.

Why does it make sense to screen print your designs for yourself when commercial screen printers don’t do short runs? There are two reasons: a large part of the expense of paying screen printers is that you are paying for shop time in a place that is not set-up for short runs, and it is cheaper and less space-intensive to set up your screen printing studio for doing prototypes. Instead of paying money for your market samples, you’ll pay in time –your time.

Do t-shirt designers have to start again from scratch, rearrange their t shirt business ?. Starting up again as a beginner means the facilities are also limited, little capital, narrow production space, hunting advice on the best way of screen printing cartoons.

. After that, a designer simply needs time for developing a skill that most artists pick up fairly easily. Considering the alternatives, that short list is a pretty modest hurdle.

Famous Indian Fashion Designers for Contemporary Indian Clothes

June 14, 2017

Contemporary, defined as “of the present time; modern”, is a word that is increasingly being used by Indian Fashion Designers to describe their collections and styling. Is this really true? Are Indian designers creating styles that are modern, of the present time? Some of them are, others are using the word in a general sense. We look at some selected Indian Fashion Designers that are creating modern and truly contemporary style of clothing.

The Indian Fashion Designers that we highlight here have gained a reputation for creating garments that are contemporary in styling, yet draw inspiration from Traditional Indian embroidery techniques and the like. Some of them have been showcasing Indian Fashion internationally for many years through Trade Shows or even Catwalk Shows in Paris, etc. Our selection of Indian Designers, Abraham & Thakore, Ankur Modi Priyanka Modi (am:pm) and Rajesh Pratap Singh, reflects some of the best talent amongst Indian Fashion Designers from India.

Abraham & Thakore

This designer duo of David Abraham and Rakesh Thakore are NIFT educated designers that have very refined design sensibilities. Unlike other Indian Fashion Designers, the duo started their business in Paris under the Abraham & Thakore label and then moved to India once the local market picked up and developed.

The origins of the Abraham & Thakore brand in Paris is reflected in the styling of the clothes – chic cuts and silhouettes inspired by Paris. Abraham & Thakore have a permanent exhibit at the V&A in London and have until the last few years known to shy away from Fashion Weeks in India. The Abraham & Thakore brand name brings to mind beautiful fabrics and minimalistic (but gorgeous) detailing that reflect the very refined sensibilities of these Indian Designers.

Ankur Modi – Priyanka Modi (am:pm)

The designer duo of Ankur Modi and Priyanka Modi create styles that are contemporary and elegant. The design sensibilities vary between casual-elegant styles and formal-elegant styling. The long dresses made from silk are a staple feature of any collection from Indian Designers Ankur Modi and Priyanka Modi.

They make very clever use of silk fabrics and minimalistic printed, embroidery and fabric detailing on their clothes. Even the Indian clothes created by Ankur Modi Priyanka Modi reflect the fine design sensibilities of these Indian Designers.

Rajesh Pratap Singh

In the world of Contemporary Indian Fashion, Rajesh Pratap Singh, is a name to reckon with – he has been called the International Face of Contemporary Indian Fashion by many reputed fashion observers. Rajesh Pratap Singh creates styles that are contemporary and elegant – detailing is usually limited to playing around in the fabrics and the subtle embellishments used by this Indian Designer.

Rajesh Pratap Singh’s inspiration and styling reflect a mature and sophisticated taste. Rajesh Pratap Singh’s use of sequins on his garments and the use of skulls (just like Alexander McQueen) are trademark styles to look out for, from this Indian Fashion Designer.


Each of these designers has a unique sense of style and design sensibilities, but the common theme is that they use the best of India and combine it with modern silhouettes that appeal to International customers. Collections from each of these leading Indian Fashion Designers – Abraham & Thakore, Ankur Modi Priyanka Modi and Rajesh Pratap Singh – can be purchased online at Strand of Silk.